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As someone who is in and reads for many fandoms, naturally I come bearing recs! Of course, I'm a pretty prideful person so I'm proud of the fics that I like and want EVERYONE to read them, so they can come to me being like why did you tell me to read this thing, oh my god, I'm a mess and this was so good and I just sit back and sort of smugly go, I know. That's the type of person I am.

My AO3 bookmarks are a comprehensive of nearly every fic I've read (exhaustive up to 2015), and my notes are an ongoing adventure of squee and emotions. Here is a guide to navigating my AO3 bookmark tags, recs, and other ways I've organized them.

Updates are at [ profile] reccings.

I also run a Harry Potter rec comm with [personal profile] necessarian at [community profile] potterwatch. A link to my posts there are here, though you should look through all the recs for full satisfaction.

Here is a list of my favorite authors cross-fandom.

notes and keys )

Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra | 2011 | TV (western animation), G
Haikyuu!! | 2015 | Anime, manga (Japanese animation/comics), PG
Harry Potter - Draco/Harry | 2011 | Books, movies (British-based, American book equivalents), PG-13
Harry Potter - Next Generation | 2011 | See above
Harry Potter - Other (gen, other pairings) | 2011 | See above
Marvel Cinematic Universe | 2013 | Movie series (American), PG-13
Merlin | RPF | 2015 | TV (British), PG-13
One Direction | 2013 | Boy band (British-Irish pop)
[under construction] Panic! at the Disco | 2018 | Bandom (western pop-punk)
Pokemon | 2015 | Video games, anime, manga (Japanese animation/comics), G
The Social Network | RPF | 2018 | Movie (American), PG-13
South Park | 2015 | TV (western animation), R
Super Junior | 2012 | Boy band (Korean pop)
Teen Wolf | 2014 | TV (American), PG-13
Xiaolin Showdown | 2012 | TV (western animation), PG
+ Miscellaneous | N/A | one-fic-per-fandom recs