While a few of these authors may be friends, my reccing them and their work comes entirely from a place of genuine respect and admiration for said work, and says absolutely nothing about the nature of my relationship with them. They are here also because I am enthusiastic about their writing in general, not for a particular fic itself—though of course I might have favorites.

This may be redundant to this journal, for which I apologize. Regardless, this list is authors whose interests have overlapped my own and whose fic I have read in multiple fandoms so they are not just one of my favorite for a certain thing, but also in general.

See specific fandom rec lists for my favorite authors for specific fandoms (as in, I have not read a lot of their fics for other fandoms but I have read most/all of their fics for the fandom in question.)

In reverse alphabetical order, just because.

[livejournal.com profile] static_abyss | [archiveofourown.org profile] static_abyss | Teen Wolf, Super Junior, Merlin
Best Known For: Various
Note: Sometimes it upsets me that [archiveofourown.org profile] static_abyss is not recced as much as she should be! She doesn't write a lot of longfics, but she does write a lot in general (see her LJ masterlist) and everything she writes is deliberate, like capturing an array of snapshots to compile a full narrative arc - a story. My favorite thing by her is still Nombre, que bueno (Oh man, that's great), an absolutely hilarious Erica & Scott fic bonding over their Mexican heritage while Stiles looks on in complete loss. Her characterization is generally great and her writing is fluid and just enough.

[livejournal.com profile] paperclipbitch | [archiveofourown.org profile] paperclipbitch | X-Men: First Class, Merlin
Best Known For: Various; on AO3, If You Liked The Book, You'll Hate The Movie
Note: I am almost absolutely sure that teacup 'verse (Merlin) was my first [livejournal.com profile] paperclipbitch fic, and also still one of the only Merlin fics that actually sticks with me. (My Merlin attention span is limited.) Still, during that week I went on a random Alex/Hank binge in 2013, her two fics - aforementioned "If You Liked The Book," and also 'til you fall from grace are still my absolute favorites despite the other, like, 50 fics I read. [livejournal.com profile] paperclipbitch's writing in general is incredible and funny and fun to read, a high-polished charm with satisfaction in every word.

[archiveofourown.org profile] nicheinhischest | One Direction, Teen Wolf
Best Known For: Niall/Zayn (One Direction) - specifically this is no bridget jones - & Scott/Isaac (Teen Wolf)
Note: tinbj is my all-time favorite One Direction fic, and not just because it's my OTP - and, I mean, a lot of [archiveofourown.org profile] nicheinhischest's fic is basically my favorite too. [archiveofourown.org profile] nicheinhischest writes with such grace and minimalism that a scene could pack a punch, or just dive you further into the story without you even realizing it. There is a conversational quality to their style, with extraordinary syntax and skillful use of colloquialisms sprinkled among authentic dialogue and a slice-of-life seeming story, always telling more than it seems on the surface. It's lucky that they write my Teen Wolf OTP too, otherwise I would've been seriously parched in that area.

[personal profile] memorde | [archiveofourown.org profile] memorde | [tumblr.com profile] memordes | Haikyuu!!, Harry Potter, Merlin
Best Known For: Haikyuu!! - specifically by any other name (not exemplary) - & Jaime/Brienne (A Song of Ice And Fire) - specifically Before Destruction
Note: [archiveofourown.org profile] memorde's writing is refreshingly implicit; there are always clear undertones beneath each of her words, making for a story more meaningful as a whole with lively scenes and rapid-fire dialogue. Her humor-writing in particular, blended with gen or just-enough and not-over-the-top romance, makes for memorable reads; at the same time, there is always a note of character exploration with everything she writes, and carefully crafted narratives that see the story both as a whole and the movement within. Her style in particular delivers reading without effort, which I think is pretty indicative that a perfect amount of effort was put in the first place.

[archiveofourown.org profile] hollycomb | [livejournal.com profile] formerdinosaur | [livejournal.com profile] snooter | South Park, Toy Story, assorted others
Best Known For: Various
Note: [archiveofourown.org profile] hollycomb's fic is renowned in a lot of fandoms, and for good reason: her writing style in general is always fun and captivating, and her stories always read to be professionally crafted and delivered with balanced thought and intent. It's almost too easy to read a lot of her writing in one setting, because not only do her stories take you from scene to scene like a gently pushing wave, but because there's usually more to find out and explore, a conscious presence with still that lingering anticipation with every word she writes.

[archiveofourown.org profile] harriet_vane | [livejournal.com profile] passe_simple | One Direction, The Social Network RPF
Best Known For: Liam/Louis (One Direction), Andrew/Jesse (The Social Network RPF)
Note: I can never tire of [archiveofourown.org profile] harriet_vane's fic. All of their stories are satisfying to read; and more than that, but always have an emotional and narrative consistency that not only makes story feel like a uniform, organic story, but also that their characters are very real, as well as struggles and dynamic. There is always something more complex beneath the surface, characters with dimensional feelings and problems, stories telling real stories. And their writing is so readable and yet professional that there is truly no envy, just being enraptured and in awe.

[fanfiction.net profile] genisaurion | [livejournal.com profile] gasume | [livejournal.com profile] caustic_destiny | South Park, Super Junior, Pokémon, original
Best Known For: Where No Leaf Blooms (South Park), assorted Super Juniors
Note: The hilarious story of my and [livejournal.com profile] genisaurion's friendship is that I loved WNLB when I was in South Park (in 2008); two years later I had fallen into Super Junior hell the same time I incidentally found him actively writing suju fic as well. His writing in particular has an easygoing narrative quality in style, an audible readability that encompasses you just beyond the story. But his stories in particular are also well-crafted and deliberate, an enjoyable experience all around. My favorite fic of his (after all these years) is still Saving Private Sungmin, and then some - he does crack straight up so well.