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Alguien Te Quiere...Y Alguien Soy Yo (Someone Loves You, And That Someone Is Me) by [ profile] aguantare
Niall-centric, G, oneshot [long]
Niall learns, when he’s five years old, that people, even the ones that mean the most to you, walk away.

Building Castles in the Air by [ profile] el_em_en_oh_pee
Liam/Niall, G, oneshot [long]
Liam is overwhelmed by his bootcamp roommate, who is loud and friendly and so totally up-front about what he wants out of this competition.
"I plan on winning," Niall says, twenty seconds after introducing himself, slinging his duffel bag down on his bed. "Touring. Playing my guitar, you know. Selling albums. Maybe working with Justin Bieber, if I'm lucky."

but forget maybe by [ profile] brojan
Harry/Liam, R, oneshot [long]
basically the concept for this was a "harry styles is jesse lacey" AU. in execution this really just means harry, louis, and zayn have instruments and i stole a lot of brand new lyrics (so if you don't know who jesse lacey or brand new are, sad, but not important for this fic). songs are listed at the end.

Crawl Into Your Atmosphere by [ profile] spibsy
Niall/Zayn, (Harry/Louis), (Liam/Louis), PG-13, oneshot [long]
Niall doesn't see it coming. Zayn's on the football team. Niall's in marching band. This isn't supposed to happen, except... then it does.

The Difference Between Knowing and Knowing by [ profile] luxover
Liam/Zayn, NC-17, oneshot [long]
“They say I’m in a band,” Liam tells his mom. He squeezes his eyes shut, his phone pressed tight against his ear. “I don’t even remember any of it.” In which Liam gets temporary amnesia and forgets things even more important than the fact that he's in a band.

Harry Styles, Fangirl at Large by [ profile] biggrstaffbunch
Gen (Harry/Louis and Liam/Zayn as parody devices), G, oneshot
In which Harry wakes up as a fangirl, and hijinks ensue.

Heart Skips A Beat by [ profile] harriet_vane
Liam/Louis, (Harry/Zayn), PG-13, oneshot [long]
Harry always kisses everyone, until he starts something he can't finish. (A university AU in which no one goes to class. I am noticing a trend.)

(I was dead before) I hit the floor by [ profile] brokendrums
Harry/Niall/Zayn, R, oneshot [long]
Niall's a spy, travelling the world and enjoying a life of luxury but sometimes there's nothing he likes more than going home and crawling into bed with his best friend Harry. Then he meets Zayn, who's far better at the spy business than he is and things begin to get a little bit complicated.

If I Was Your Boyfriend, I'd Never Let You Go by [ profile] estrella30
Harry/Liam, R, oneshot [long]
“Harry, you essentially just told my sister that we’re dating.”
“Pretty much,” Harry says, and grins. “Champagne?”
in other words, pretending to be boyfriends fic

just a teenage dirtbag, baby by [ profile] tesselated
Niall/Zayn, (Liam/Danielle), R, oneshot [long]
“You think I should hook up with Niall, don’t you?” Zayn asks suddenly, turning to stare at Harry. He chokes on his coffee, and Zayn smiles despite herself.
“We kind of want you to…I don’t know, you’ve always seemed so suited for each other. We’ve kind of always thought you two should…get married or something.” He shrugs, and Zayn stares at him blankly for a moment before bursting into hysterical laughter.
Harry smiles, rolling his eyes, and says, “Yeah, we thought you’d react like that.”

Lost In The Thrill Of It All by [ profile] wasp
Niall/Zayn, (Liam/Louis), (Harry/Caroline), R, oneshot [long]
She’s in her uniform, the collar buttoned up to her throat, her sleeves bare. The colours of her tattoos contrast starkly with the blue of her material and Niall wants to touch.

Nice Boy Seeks Same For Hook-Up by [ profile] LittleMousling
Harry/Louis, NC-17, oneshot [long]
Louis wants to lose his virginity but doesn't want anyone at school to know he's gay. In order to finally get with a guy, he posts an ad on Craigslist.
Harry Styles answers.

A Place in the Sun by [ profile] harriet_vane
Liam/Louis, (Harry/Niall), (Zayn/Perrie), R, oneshot [long], part of a longer series
Louis is looking forward to spending the whole summer with Harry and his friends, working at a summer camp, drinking and being generally stupid. But there's a new counselor who's actually read the rulebook, and he's going to ruin everything.

Some Nights I'm Scared You'll Forget Me Again by [ profile] pukeandcry
Zayn/Niall, (Louis/Harry), PG-13, oneshot [long]
Zayn stifles a groan. He’s not terribly surprised -- Harry’d been mooning over Louis since the day they met three years ago when Zayn had moved into the house next to him -- but he’d been hoping that Harry would eventually get over it and redirect his attention to someone else. This development does not bode well for that turn of events, though. (High School AU)

this is no bridget jonesa better place cannot be found by [ profile] nicheinhischest
Niall/Zayn, (Liam/Zayn), (Liam/Danielle), (Harry/Louis), PG-13, chaptered
“Harry," Zayn feels like he’s losing it, "Harry, you know my life isn't a romantic comedy, right? No matter how much you try and make it one."
"Please, I've seen
Love, Actually like... thirty times," Harry says, grinning. "This is going to be so much better.”

(I'll See You) When I Fall Asleep by [ profile] badjujuboo
Harry/Liam, (Liam/Zayn), NC-17, oneshot [long]
He smokes and drinks scotch and hates doing both. There was a time before when he wouldn't have touched the stuff. There was a time when he treated his body like a temple and coveted his voice like nothing else. There was a time where he stood in front of hundreds and could talk for three hours - but that was different.
That was a long time ago.

Will You Still Call Me Superman by [ profile] el_em_en_oh_pee
Harry/Liam, (Niall/Zayn), PG-13, oneshot [long]
When Harry opens his locker, there's a box wrapped in blue tissue paper, wound messily in a skinny white ribbon, just sitting on top of his textbooks. A piece of paper taped to the top of the box reads To Harry,
Happy Christmas! I noticed how you're always chewing on your pencils in class so I thought this might help!
-Your Secret Admir Santa xx
In which Harry has an overwhelming crush on Liam, the nicest, coolest guy in school, and his friends aren't very supportive of the pain his crush causes him. The jerks.

you just keep on trying (until you run out of cake) by [ profile] kisforkurama
OT5, PG-13, oneshot [long]
Why would a bakery have a fandom? Because the bakery is staffed by 5 really pretty boys and it also serves really good pastries. Why would a bakery have a Naked Server Night? Because . . . the bakery is staffed by 5 really pretty boys and the proceeds are going to a charity?