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Oct. 9th, 2015 12:54 pm

★ I've been reading South Park fic since 2008, and it's pretty much the oldest fandom for me on this journal, so a handful of these recs are more nostalgic for me than anything. They're still a part of my favorites, though.
★ Pairings are referenced with their fanon portmanteaus (e.g. "Style" for Stan/Kyle; "Candy" for Cartman/Wendy.) Parentheticals are side/background pairings.
★ General warning for liberal usage of slurs in many of these stories, as is wont for anything South Park-related.


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Because You're Always There by [ profile] Cinvxten
Style, PG-13, chaptered
After a horrible car crash, Stan is hospitalized for over a year. But soon, he and his boyfriend Kyle begin to wonder why Stan hasn't been released yet. What is it that the doctors and his parents aren't telling him?

A Brief Scuffle Between Pitcher and Catcher by [ profile] Seaouryou
Style, PG-13, oneshot
The first real fight Stan and Kyle got into was when they were discussing who would be on top if they were, COMPLETELY HYPOTHETICALLY, a gay couple.

Fall in Light by [ profile] MiaouJones
Cryde, R, chaptered
Craig has never cared about being good at anything—not until last summer, when he realized he wanted to be good at what he's doing right now: he wants to be good at Clyde. He's pretty good but there's still a lot he doesn't know, like whether they go too far sometimes. Clyde says it's never too much...but Craig thinks he only says that because it hasn't been yet. More importantly: if it's not too much, couldn't that also mean it's not enough?

Flipside by [ profile] hollycomb
Style, R, chaptered
Evil Kyle from "Spookyfish" and regular Kyle swap places due to a mishap. Regular Kyle is terrified and desperate to get back to his normal universe, whereas the "evil" Kyle senses opportunity.

Friday Night by [ profile] formerdinosaur
Style, NC-17, oneshot
Stan still gets nervous about Friday night football games, but he's got 'sleepovers' with Kyle to look forward to afterward.

How Long Till Your Surrender? by [ profile] wettermark
Kyman, (Cryde), NC-17, oneshot [long]
Stan is self destructing, Craig Tucker might be gay, Butters can't handle Cartman's wiener, and Kyle just wants to get out of South Park without losing his mind, his best friend, or his virginity.

The Journal of One Kenny McCormick by [ profile] Seaouryou
Gen, Kenny-centric, (Candy)
Oh, life. It’s such a tremendous pain in the ass. I'm not too thrilled about death, either.

Life is Better Under a Totalitarian Regime by [ profile] Seaouryou
Style, Candy, PG-13, chaptered
The entire school student body appears to be suffering under the delusion that Stan is dating Kyle. Stan is determined to prove them wrong. Unfortunately, he seems to be proving them right.

odd combinations by [ profile] kyleisgod
Gen, PG-13, oneshot
The boys and girls of South Park take a certain board game WAY too seriously.

Red String by [ profile] thepinkstriper
Style, (Bunny), (Candy), R, chaptered, discontinued
When Stan Marsh decides that he wants more out of his super best friendship with Kyle Broflovski, a lovesick Kyle has no choice but to accept. Now Kyle has two years or less to convince Stan to love him back. If only things were that simple.

The Scenic Route by [ profile] hollycomb
Style, (Bunny), (Candy), NC-17, chaptered
The boys embark on a six day road trip to California before separating for college. Cartman is a pain in the ass, Kenny has no future, Butters is in crisis, and Kyle doesn't know how he'll say goodbye to Stan.

Short Stories with Tragic Endings by [ profile] FaeryGoddyss
Style, (Stan/Bebe), PG-13, chaptered
Kenny's final death brings Kyle back to South Park after 11 years of living in California. Little does he or Stan know, but even in death Kenny has plans for his two estranged friends.

Sparkle by [ profile] Clara
Style, PG-13, oneshot [long]
Kyle is infected with a very telling affliction, except it’s telling all the wrong things. Everyone always knew it would happen. Oneshot. Style. Rated for a liberal use of offensive language.

Three-Legged Race For Sprained Ankle Awareness Bake-Off by [ profile] SekritOMG
Style, PG-13, oneshot [long]
The school is having a bake-off, and Stan thinks he can win -- if he can survive through the week. Slash. Stan/Kyle. One-shot. Etc.