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All are Eduardo/Mark. Additional pairings noted.
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Albatross by [ profile] forsanethaec
PG-13, oneshot [long]
[TSN/Lost fusion.] Two years after the lawsuit ends, Mark and Eduardo are both flying on Oceanic Airways Flight 815 when it crashes on a mysterious tropical island. A story about starting over, surviving together and finding one another along the way.

almost finally, finally by [ profile] fledmusic
NC-17, oneshot [long]
Sequel to these things get louder. The first year of Mark and Eduardo's long-distance romance, featuring PDAs in formal wear, revelations about cookies, drama over Facebook info updates, and realizations that absence doesn't make the heart grow fonder quite so much as it makes the heart grow frustrated.

And everything nice by [ profile] noelia_g
PG-13, oneshot [long]
Prompt: The one where Mark somehow ends up with a child and of course needs a nanny for the amount of time he spends at the office. Only problem is a string of nannys keep trying to get into his pants for what he assumes is his money. Cue Mark's assistant hiring a male nanny, enter Eduardo.

Boy Falls From The Sky by [ profile] lc2l
PG-13, oneshot [long]
In which Divya Narendra is an evil mastermind, Sean Parker seems like a supervillain and Eduardo can't go to Palo Alto because he's too busy in New York being Spiderman.

A Closetful of Dildos by [ profile] lifeisrandom34
(+ Erica/Dustin) PG-13, oneshot [long]
Erica is oddly fascinated with the mysterious, and attractive, boy who just moved in next to her. Why does he come and go at such strange times? Who is he always having frantic midnight phone calls with? What’s up with his weird redheaded friend who won’t leave Erica alone? Most importantly, can Erica escape her overbearing older sister for long enough to help two idiots admit they’re in love and maybe have a life of her own at some point?

Complication With Optimistic Outcome by [ profile] SwordsMagician (yayuzue)
(+ Erica/Cameron, Christy/OMC, OCs) PG-13, oneshot [long]
People can't quite put their finger on what it is about Mark Zuckerberg. (Or, you don't get to rewrite the past without making a few ripples.)

Cryptography For Beginners by [ profile] thedeadparrot
NC-17, oneshot [long]
A few years after the depositions, Mark sends Eduardo an e-mail. Now Eduardo just needs to figure out what it says.

From Cover to Cover by [ profile] abriata
PG-13, oneshot [long]
Mark is a famous novelist and Eduardo is his agent.

The House I Grew Up In by [ profile] wardo_wedidit
PG-13, oneshot [long]
An ancient Brazilian myth causes Eduardo to de-age during finals, leaving Mark, Chris, and Dustin to take care of him until he turns back. Cuteness and angst ensue.

House of Cards by [ profile] Daydreamnation
(+ Erica/Christy) R, oneshot [long]
Mark is part of a group of independent criminals recruited by an unknown organization to frame renowned millionaire Eduardo Saverin for leading a criminal organization. His task is to charm the target, win his trust, and get Eduardo to invest in a project that will link him to illicit activities. However, the situation is more complicated than Mark expected, and not everything is as it seems.

If I could take it all back then I would (But I won't) by [ profile] salvadore
NC-17, oneshot [long]
Eduardo wakes up and he's back in the Palo Alto house. Again. And again. Worst of all - he's not the only one who knows what's going on.

mockingbirds by [ profile] orphan_account
PG-13, chaptered
Eduardo's got a child whose mission is to make those silly adults come to their senses.

Technosocial [One Foot On the Ground » Pacific Time » Reboot & (One.Five/Two.Five)] by [ profile] Poose
(+ Mark/OMC, Eduardo/OMC) NC-17, series (all chronologically linked above for convenience)
Mark is a huge slut, and so on.

The Perverse Clarity of Nostalgia by [ profile] pasdexcuses
PG-13, oneshot [long]
It is so, so unfair. Eduardo would have given everything to have this moment, way back when. He had wished, wanted, hoped for Mark to be there for him.
And now Mark is, and Eduardo can’t feel it anymore.

Pilea involucrata by [ profile] fledmusic
R, oneshot [long]
Eduardo turns into a plant. Mark learns some things about friendship and plants. ...Or something.

Powerless by [ profile] wordgasmic
R, oneshot [long]
With two injured wrists, Mark can’t do much. And there’s no limit on what Eduardo will do to take care of him.

Sky That's Always Blue by [ profile] abriata
PG-13, oneshot [long]
Prompt: Eduardo has always had an affinity with the weather - odd things, like always being warm; knowing when it will rain/snow and it even pays off with friends - Mark is never cold when Eduardo is happy (flip-flops in the snow, for example). But it has never been a weird thing. Until the dilution - suddenly the weather is playing up in a major way, unseasonal weather - spring never arriving! - and odd bouts of weather for the people that have upset Eduardo (for example - Peter's house floods; Sean nearly gets hit with lightening five times and it seems to snow over the Facebook offices). Initially Mark doesn't notice, but everyone else does, and initially there is no obvious connection. Until the depositions and Mark just can't help but notice that the weather seems to react to Eduardo's moods. So Mark has to bring spring back :D

The star to every wandering bark by [ profile] noelia_g
R, oneshot [long]
Prompt: Eduardo and Mark are slowly working on regaining their friendship when Eduardo realises he's falling in love. Cue angsting about not wanting to ruin their fragile friendship, and Eduardo might be willing to be friends, but how can he trust Mark not to break his heart?

A Teenager In Love by [ profile] roofpizza
PG-13, oneshot [long]
High school AU in which Eduardo is in love with Mark and he doesn't know Mark loves him back AND JUST THERE'S A LOT OF FEELINGS AND NOT ENOUGH SEX I GUESS

Threads by [ profile] abriata
R, chaptered
Eduardo marries Mark to avoid getting deported. Five years later, he wants a divorce. Mark is not okay with this.

Throw Your Back Into It by [ profile] jibrailis
NC-17, oneshot
Sex is not the enemy. Except when it is.
The one where Mark is a slut, Eduardo has performance anxiety, and there are cross-country booty calls.

Trivial Pursuits by [ profile] fairy_tale_echo
G, oneshot [long]
But the top two players are always the same: E.S. and M.Z. None of the other players ever rank anywhere near them, it’s always just the two of them: Eduardo in first place and Mark just a few hundred points behind. No matter how long he plays or how well he does, every god-damn day he comes in second to Eduardo.
(or: the one where Mark and Wardo reconnect, learn how to work as a team, and it turns out trivia isn't trivial at all.)

Unexpected Relations by [ profile] grim_lupine
R, chaptered
It’s true, there’s remarkably little awkwardness between Mark and him. Maybe it’s because they’re both mature enough to work past any that might arise, for the sake of their parents. Maybe it’s because Eduardo can see that Mark is a better person than he seems to think he is, and Mark doesn’t care that Eduardo doesn’t always feel like being kind and giving, that sometimes he just wants to say exactly what he’s thinking.
Maybe it’s because they’d both been looking for the kind of friend that would understand them fully, and it just so happened that this is the way they met.

What You See Is What You Get by [ profile] a_jejune_star
R, oneshot [long]
“Mark’s vaguely amused as he watches Eduardo nest. That’s what it has to be. Mark’s seen bears less maternal than this guy.” Mark and Eduardo adopt a litter of orphaned kittens. Angst and pseudo domestication ensues.

Whispers in the Dark by [ profile] wordgasmic
PG-13, oneshot [long]
Summer Camp AU. Mark’s mom sends him to camp to get him out of his room for the summer, and Mark is determined to be miserable the entire time he’s there, but can’t quite swing it once Eduardo enters the picture.
Written as a fill for this [ profile] tsn_kinkmeme prompt.

winters have come and gone by [ profile] irrelephance
PG-13, oneshot
Mark and Eduardo find Narnia in a closet.

write it on the skyline by [ profile] thisissirius
PG-13, dissociation, oneshot [long]
Chris bullies Mark away from the computer, fights him with words and angry gestures, tells him to get the fuck away from this stuff, I mean it like it’s detrimental to Mark’s health to be trying to find his best friend.

X Marks the Spot (Where A Boy Used to Be) by [ profile] devoidly
PG-13, oneshot [long]
Written for this prompt at the [ profile] tsn_kinkmeme, which demanded a crossover between Boy A and The Social Network, in which Eduardo Saverin is a newly released, young convict who for his own safety got send to Harvard.

Your Bed's Too Big For The Room It's In by [ profile] figuline
NC-17, oneshot [long]
Mark needs Eduardo, so he hires people to kidnap him from Singapore