Cling by [ profile] sourgummies
Raimundo & Omi, G, flashfic
Raimundo thinks he hates Omi sometimes; hates his stupid arrogance and perfectness and how Raimundo ALWAYS has to look out for him.

Friends and Enemies by [ profile] Scribbler
Gen, PG-13, oneshot
Omi is having trouble readjusting after the events in 'Time After Time'.

Jack Spicer Wants to Take Over the World by [ profile] DrPatiencesSecretary
Gen, PG-13, chaptered
All Jack wants to take over the world! Not Ice Land, not Fiji THE WHOLE WORLD! Now, he's looking for an alternative to the ever-failing Shen Gong Wu to do it. He's back to the Robots and all hilarious heck is about to break loose!