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teen wolf


it's been a long cold lonely winter by [ profile] vlieger
Scott/Isaac, PG-13, oneshot [long]
Scott frowns at his mom's favourite rosebush for a long time before he says, "I just have feelings."

Nombre, que bueno (Oh man, that's great) by [ profile] static_abyss
Scott & Erica, PG-13, oneshot
Latina Erica Reyes is so important for 100 reasons, and 23 of those are Erica talking shit in Spanish with Scott going “Oh shit! Damn! Erica told you!” in the background. (x)

a place in this world by [ profile] nicheinhischest
Scott & Stiles, (Scott/Isaac), PG-13, oneshot
Nothing sensible happens in Beacon Hills High School after hours. Honestly, nothing sensible happens in Beacon Hills High School ever but, you know. Running from werewolves, running from hunters, running from Jackson in the shape of a giant lizard man-baby - it’s not exactly within the realm of normal high school experiences to begin with.
But this day, in particular? This one takes the cake.
It takes the whole damn bakery, if you ask Stiles.

We're Friends When You're On Your Knees by [ profile] narceus
Allison/Lydia, NC-17, oneshot [long]
Six and a half days out of the week, Allison runs her own life, her college classes, the entire Argent family (currently rebuilding!), her position and responsibilities in the pack, and even the occasional need to eat and sleep, just fine.
She and Lydia are taking up a new hobby, the last night of the week. Something about stress relief. And ropes. It's definitely about ropes.
Allison is pretty sure that she hated being tied up during hunter training, but it turns out that it's a little different when Lydia's the one doing the tying. Who knew?

what if it was you by [ profile] nicheinhischest
Scott/Isaac, (Allison/Lydia), PG-13, oneshot [long]
Stiles assesses the pile of board games for a long moment before pulling out one in particular and dumping its contents on Scott's floor. “We need a plan like Mouse Trap. Look. We'll call it How To Avoid All Of Life's Obstacles And Win Isaac's Heart."
Scott laughs. "What the hell, Stiles, he's not a piece of cheese."
"Okay, but," Stiles waves a hand at the mess of a board game as he starts to set it up, "it's like, a metaphor for your life, dude. You are the mouse. Isaac
is the cheese. This boot thing - I dunno what that is, but it's not good."