As someone who is in and reads for many fandoms, naturally I come bearing recs! Of course, I'm a pretty prideful person so I'm proud of the fics that I like and want EVERYONE to read them, so they can come to me being like why did you tell me to read this thing, oh my god, I'm a mess and this was so good and I just sit back and sort of smugly go, I know. That's the type of person I am.

Feel free to also check out my AO3 bookmarks and [ profile] aroceu!

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Here is a list of my favorite authors cross-fandom.

★ The years at the end of each bulletpoint indicate the approximate date of the last time I read a fic for the fandom and updated the list. It is not meant to indicate the year of the most recent fic on the list (although it may.)
★ Any chaptered fics listed are complete, unless I've made a note that says otherwise.
★ "Oneshot" means posted as - well, one shot - and is under 6k words. "Oneshot [long]" means posted as a one shot and ranges from 6k to however long it is. Chaptered fics are always divided as chapters and usually vary in length, but if, say, a 50k+ fic is posted as a one shot, it'll be indicated as "chaptered length."
★ I don't claim to have read all of - or even most of - the stories for a single fandom. In fact, there may be quite a few where I haven't read much at all! If you can't find anything on any of my lists to enjoy, there are archives and archives of loads more fic to enjoy.

If, additionally, there are any works you would like to rec me, I would absolutely love it. Just send me a PM and I'll accept the rec happily :D

Green ♥ - ongoing in that I am actively seeking out fic
Orange ♥ - inconsistently and sporadically updated, will seek (and add) fic at random times
Dark red ♥ - inactive, no aspiring plans to read for the fandom in the future (inconclusive, of course)

Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra | 2011 | TV (western animation), G
Haikyuu!! | 2015 | Anime, manga (Japanese animation/comics), PG
Harry Potter - Draco/Harry | 2011 | Books, movies (British-based, American book equivalents), PG-13
Harry Potter - Next Generation | 2011 | See above
Harry Potter - Other (gen, other pairings) | 2011 | See above
Marvel Cinematic Universe | 2013 | Movie series (American), PG-13
Merlin | RPF | 2015 | TV (British), PG-13
One Direction | 2013 | Boy band (British-Irish pop)
Pokemon | 2015 | Video games, anime, manga (Japanese animation/comics), G
The Social Network | RPF | 2017 | Movie (American), PG-13
South Park | 2015 | TV (western animation), R
Super Junior | 2012 | Boy band (Korean pop)
Teen Wolf | 2014 | TV (American), PG-13
Xiaolin Showdown | 2012 | TV (western animation), PG
+ Miscellaneous | N/A | one-fic-per-fandom recs